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Jump to navigation. It has its own secret boss, and to fight it you need to jump through quite a few hoops. Luckily, we are here to guide you, step by step through the whole process. The secret boss is locked in the basement of the card castle. There you will find a mysterious figure cloaked in shadow behind metal bars. This figure will ask you to repair a key to let him out of his confines. He gives you a clue, but we are more than happy to just tell you how. There are only two shops in Deltarune, one in the card castle and one in the fields. The shopkeep in the fields has the first piece of the key. Simply visit him any time after talking to the mysterious prisoner.
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I am inferencing his HP through the number of times the player must attack him. He is found on the?????? After going down a long flight of stairs, you will reach a SAVE file and be able to talk to the Jevil.
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Jevil can be found at the very bottom of the staircase on the?????? At first, he cannot be seen directly, and can only be talked to through his prison's closed door. Jevil is an optional enemy, and as such, defeating Jevil does not progress the story.
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I am inferencing his HP through the number of times the player must attack him. He is found on the?????? After going down a long flight of stairs, you will reach a SAVE file and be able to talk to the Jevil. At first, he cannot be seen directly, and can only be talked to through his prison's closed door. These three keys are in different locations.

When talking to Jevil for the first time, he will explain that while it appears he is locked in a cell, he is actually the only free person, and that all others are the ones who are really locked away. However, he goes on to explain that he is lonely, and that he wishes for more people to be free with him. He instructs the player to find the key to open his door, noting that the "Old Shopkeeper", Seam, knows something about it.

Broken Key A is handed to the protagonists by Seam in his shop, after they talk to him about Jevil. The chest can be seen from the main area, but can only be accessed through a secret passage, which is located in the middle of the south edge of the square in the southwest corner of the area. The combination is given by the order of the shapes of the minions' rooms in the upper floors of Card Castle, starting from the bottom.

After the protagonists bring the Key to Jevil's cell, a smaller door materializes and opens, and Jevil invites the player to enter. Waiting inside on the far end of the room is Jevil, who, after some dialogue, engages the protagonists in combat. Jevil takes the appearance of a imp with a black and dark blue jester cap with two yellow bells and X'd eyes with a gray face and yellow fangs, he also has a black cape with green rope connected by a yellow piece on his shoulder to keep his cape on, he also supports a tail and has green shoes.

Jevil's battle is unique in Chapter 1, using several voice line audio clips and what appears to be a 3D-rendered stage. The attacks he uses depend on how much health he has left or how tired he is, which is able to be split into 5 phases. The first time he uses attacks in these phases, he will use them in order, and will always say a particular voiceline before the attack. If the player survives all of the attacks in a phase, Jevil will begin to randomly use attacks from that pool of moves indefinitely until he is knocked into a later phase by the player.

While in this state Jevil will say random voice lines from phase 5 with no correlation to the move he is about to perform. His attacks all involve either hearts, clubs, spades, diamonds, carousels or devilsknives.

They all do random amounts of damage that depend on his state, the character and the attack. Hypnosis costs 50 TP and takes the entire party's turn, greatly tiring Jevil and decreasing his damage for the turn. Pirouette costs 20 TP and will only take Kris's turn, but is not as "tiring" as Hypnosis and has a "random" effect dependent on which turn it is. To make Jevil tired enough to Pacify, you must use hypnosis on him at least 10 times. It appears that if the player has survived for enough turns, regardless of how much they have tired Jevil, he may be able to be pacified at some point during phase 5 due to self-imposed tiring.

In order to defeat him through fighting, just keep attacking, healing if necessary. Susie's Rude Buster can be helpful if you gather enough TP. The best strategy is to use "Defend" with the three party members on the first turn, to then try to attack with all of them and Rude Buster. If you're trying to get his HP to 0 instead of sparing him, it is best to charge Rude Buster as many times as possible and attack with it, try to save food and only heal when HP is very low.

The main character for healing is Ralsei, as he can use Heal Prayer to heal without using food and has lower Attack than the other party members. Seam explains that Jevil "started saying bizarre things that didn't completely make sense - but didn't completely not make sense, either". Eventually, Jevil started viewing the world as a game, while everyone acted as its participants. In terms of IRL history, as Dark Void discovered, jevil's pre-battle dialogue files were found to date back to , which could mean that Toby started developing the Jevil boss fight quite a long time ago.

Check out his post here. Jevil's personality before going insane is unknown, however he is very childish, unable to say words without sometimes repeating them and thinks the world is a game, he also appears to not have any grips on reality, as in his POV he is free form the Dark Kingdom, while in the real world he is the one who is imprisoned.

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