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Surely not. Well guys and girls all using Squarespace for your eCommerce needs, you will no longer need to use Stripe as your payment processor, Shopify is now a viable option. What you will firstly need to do is sign up for a Shopify account, one you have access you will be able to take a look at the widgets that Shopify currently offer. Now, the difference with Shopify and Squarespace is the fact that Shopify offer a jaw-dropping 70 different payment gateways, so that is the kind of powerhouse you will be tapping into with embedding products from Shopify into Squarespace. After all, not everyone has access to Stripe, and perhaps those that do would like to see what other options are available to them. The biggest step is that you will need to set all of your products and services up in Shopify, so make sure you get all images, prices, descriptions and other important data correct. Once this step has been completed you finally get to select the payment processing system you want to use, and remember there are 70 to choose from! Embedding the store is a piece of cake, seriously. You will be given a few lines of code to copy and then paste into your Squarespace account by using the code injection tool. This will then complete the process, and give you a better management process over your products.
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This guide will show you how to add a Shopify store to your Squarespace site. This is a really simple but effective way to get the benefits of Shopify checkout options, taxes, etc, without sacrificing your Squarespace. If blogging and content are important to your business, Squarespace makes your life easy.
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Shopify vs Squarespace: which is best? In this detailed comparison, I take an in-depth look at which of these leading website building tools is right for your project. Read on to get a list of pros and cons of each platform — and do feel free to leave any thoughts or questions on both products in the comments section below. But they have a different history and started life with different purposes. Squarespace was initially conceived as a solution for building and maintaining content - based websites, whereas Shopify was specifically created as a solution for making an online store. Answering this question starts, helpfully, with another question…. By 'online store' I mean something where selling products is the primary goal. If your focus is on building an informative website, then design and content management functionality are going to be a priority — and this being the case, it's fair to say that Squarespace is the more obvious choice out of the two products discussed here for that purpose. Its templates are excellent; its CMS is intuitive and easy to use; its photo editing and displaying tools are superb; and its blogging features are strong. Laying out content in Squarespace is really easy, and the options for doing so are extensive.

Are you trying to build a ‘website’ or an online store?

Well, the core challenge with Squarespace Commerce for some users is that Squarespace tightly integrates with Stripe, a payment gateway processor, into its platform. So as a Squarespace user, your only option when building your online store is to use Stripe as your payment processor at least at the moment. At least not with Stripe. You can see an updated list of which countries Stripe is available here. See our full review on Squarespace website builder and its e-commerce tools here. Shopify is a very powerful and flexible online store builder and currently allows you to connect to over 70 different payment gateways versus Squarespace which only offers 1 option. You no longer have to be limited to using Stripe only, to power your ecommerce store on Squarespace. See our full review on Shopify and how they can help you build a comprehensive online store. You have to have a Squarespace account, obviously. You now have to sign up for a Shopify account.

Squarespace is a fairly robust ecommerce platform but it lacks certain features that more advanced ecommerce sellers might find on platforms like Shopify. Luckily, the Squarespace community is blessed with amazing developers who have created a selection of Squarespace ecommerce plugins to enhance the functionality of your online shop.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. When you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Everyone knows that social proof can dramatically boost sales…but it can also be expensive. SquareCertify is a cheaper alternative and it has the benefit of being designed specifically for Squarespace.

The starter plan is free, though most people will exceed the unique visitors per month allowed on this plan. Shoppers can get overwhelmed with product information, which is why presentation is everything. This plugin allows you to add accordion dropdown sections to product pages. This is a great way to organize information and make it more digestible. For example, you could have a dropdown for shipping information, ingredients, or a product care guide. This plugin allows you to add any Squarespace block to a lightbox popup. Squarespace allows you to add different product variants color, style, size, etc.

Product variants are displayed in a dropdown menu by default. This plugin allows you to turn those variants into swatches. For example, instead of a dropdown with color options, you can display the actual colors instead.

This is a great way to make your shop more dynamic and interactive. Urgency is one of the biggest drivers of sales. This plugin displays the remaining number of a particular item in stock to encourage customers to buy before it runs out. For some unfathomable reason, Squarespace still does not offer a way for customers to leave reviews. Positive reviews are another form of social proof and they can have a huge impact on the success of your shop! This plugin makes it easy to install the Yotpo reviews plugin on your Squarespace site.

Without it, you would have to add and configure the plugin manually for every single product in your shop. With the Yotpo Integration Plugin, you only have to configure it once.

A huge time-saver! Squarespace allows you to embed video in the additional information section of a product page, below the product images and summary. This plugin allows you to add video to the product image gallery right at the top of the page. This plugin allows you to install a drawer-style shopping cart, which pops out on the side of the page. Instead, why not create a custom order confirmation page that entices new customers to take further action, like sign up for your email list or follow you on social media?

Price: Free Compatibility: All 7. The Squarespace Commerce plans allow you to give customers the option of signing up for an account for faster checkout. With this plugin, you can customize the text customers see when they login. This is a great way to personalize your message and connect with customers on a deeper level. Upselling is a powerful way to increase revenue. This plugin lets you redirect customers to an upsell page when they add an item to their shopping cart. Price: Free Compatibility: Squarespace 7.

Like this post? Pin it on Pinterest! Cart 0. About Blog Shop Course Contact. Here are 12 of the best Squarespace ecommerce plugins. SquareCertify Everyone knows that social proof can dramatically boost sales…but it can also be expensive. Squarespace Custom Cart Drawer. Custom Order Confirmation Page. Upsell Page.

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